Myositis Support Group

Been awhile...Polymyositis update 06/2016


Was “upgraded” from myositis to PM with the underlying Raynaud’s & connective tissue disorder in April.

Have been on/off Imuran since Mar. due to the possibility of allergic reaction (itchy rash with tiny red bumps, turned into hives, then goes away) the rash was mirroring itself on both sides of my body? Wasn’t the Imuran, Bystolic or the hydro? Living with it at this point…

Recd. my most recent blood work results today - question - can your CK’s be in “critical” numbers, but your aldolase be normal?

I have read & read & read, prolly need to quit at some point, but just trying to understand just what I have to look forward to.

Filed for SSD the second week of May-went with an attorney right off the bat & have the full cooperation with my rheumo…guess that’s good? Just not having a good day, guess that’s why I’m here…