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My doctor has left me high & dry


I was diagnosed the middle part of March or so with Myositis (didn’t know there were so many types, that’s all I know right now) by my GP. He started treating me with Prednisone (40mg for 4 days, 15 for 4 days & so on). It worked great until I got to the 10mg dose…I went several times to his office & we played with the dosage a few times. Then he would have me call to tell how the dosage was working. It got to the point that I could hear the nurse & other staff roll their eyes when I called. Know what I mean? About 4 weeks ago they started telling me to go see a Rheumatologist. I said ok, fine but I couldn’t get an apt until September 19th!!! Last weekend I was having some real trouble so I went from 10 mg to 20 mg on my own…I know, I know I wasn’t supposed to do that but we had been messing around with the dosage so much I thought it would be ok (couldn’t get ahold of him on the weekend). I called the office on Tuesday & told the sadistic Nurse Ratched what was going on I told her everything & she told me the doctor wanted me to do 40 mg for 2 days, etc & asked if I needed any refills, I said that I had plenty of refills…well, when I got to the drug store I find out the doctor had cancelled my prescription!! The next day when I called the nurse sounded almost cheerful & content…like she had just eaten someone’s puppy. She said that because I was not taking my medicine correctly so she had to cancel it…leaving me with none. They said they could no longer help me & basically to piss off. Detox is not fun…